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The Actual Cost of your Staff

The actual cost of of your staffing process may be mis-calculated. In the first glance hourly rate for a healthcare professional paid to an in-house employee may seem lower than paying to a staffing company like Rehability Care. However, if you consider all the associated cost and overhead that include:
  • Benefits,
  • Bonuses,
  • PTO,
  • Payroll taxes,
  • CEUs,
  • Health Insurance
  • Workers Compensation,
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance etc.
The picture starts changing and you realize that your in-house employee costs you more. This is not all...your costs are further enhanced by adding the hidden costs for
  • recruiting costs,
  • training costs,
  • orientation costs,
  • cost for overtime
But when you hire a healthcare professional from Rehability Care your costs are considerabely reduced and you get a staff that is:
  • Pre-screened
  • Trained & Experienced
  • Highly Qualified
In-House Staffing Cost Calculator
1. Insert Employee base salary
2. Select % of current staff hours at overtime rates
3. Select appropriate all in cost level of your facility*
Total all-in cost of employee
4. Select appropriate hidden cost level for your facility**
Total hidden costs
% of base pay
* Typically includes employee insurance and other benefits, bonuses, federal, state & local payroll taxes, workers compensation, medical mal-practice insurance, CEUs
** Includes non-productive time & attrition costs (recruiting, training, orientation, etc.)
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