The Pre-Screened, Highly Trained & Adaptable Travel Nurse to Fill Your Nursing Staffing needs

What makes us different?
Our travel nurses are selected to join the team with you top of mind because we understand how important it is (to both your patient care and business goals) to provide our clients with the best travel nurse staffing in the industry.

Even when you need to fill high-need and hard-to-fill positions, you can leverage our experience to quickly and effectively fill your 4, 13 or even 26 week healthcare staffing gaps.
Rehability Care has ready to go:
  • Registered Nurses(RN),
  • Nurse Practioners(NP),
  • Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN),
  • Physician's Assistant(PA),
Rehability Care's Nurses have the specialized skills necessary to meet your diverse staffing needs:
Burn ICU Orthopedic Rehab
CR Med/Surg Paediatrics TCU
Dialysis MICU Paediatrics ICU Intake
DOC Neurology Neonatal ICU Hospice
Geriatrics Oncology        
Our Nurses are Pre-screened
We recruit and place only the most qualified Healthcare Professionals.
Why does this matter?
It saves you the time and money associated with travel nurse recruitment, interviewing, reference checks, training and hiring.
All Rehability Care Nurses are screened for
Current BLS/CPR Health Check
Skillset Evaluation Drug and Background Screening
Supervisory references Sanction Monitoring
End of assignment evaluations NPDB review
Clinical eligibility review And More
Highly Trained Highly Qualifed
Knowledge is power. Our travel staff is among the brightest in the industry. When you partner with us, you can be sure the travel healthcare professionals we place into your care facility have the training and qualifications to seamlessly integrate with your FTEs and provide the level of care your team expects.
Our nurses are Adaptable
Adaptability enables our nurses to integrate with your care team quickly, allowing them to hit the ground running.

It's easy for them, because travel nursing is their life and they do it every day. As a result, you save time and money on training costs -- and maintain your level of patient care.
Our Nurses are Experienced
There's no substitute for experience. Over 50% of our nurses have a minimum of 6 years of travel nursing experience. They've seen almost everything and you will benefit from their practical experience.
Benefits of Experience
Well travelled Minimal training needed
Can hit the ground running Competent
Knows what to expect responsive to unspoken needs
Our nurses are Passionate
Passion is a trait that you're born with and develop through experience.

Our travel nurses are driven to provide the best possible care to their patients. This desire allows easy integration with your FTEs and provides the best possible care to your patients.
A Partner with Proven Reliability & Experience
At Rehability Care, we’ve developed a system which evaluates both your company and our applicants so that we can refer the right person, for the right job, at the right time. We’re your company’s staffing solution. We understand the business. And we have the reliable, flexible therapy staff that makes it work.
Customer Focused Account Manager
Our travel staff account managers are experienced, responsive and inquisitive. They ask all the right questions to understand exactly what you're looking for with your staffing needs. They will provide you with the right travel nursing candidates–freeing you up to manage your department and focus on patient outcomes.

With our staffing managers available to you 24 hours a day - and our employees selected for their quality and skills - we offer you an efficient, timesaving alternative to your current staffing process.
Cost-Effective Solution
Cost containment is a huge issue when considering travel nurse staffing. Even though our all-inclusive hourly rates are highly competitive when compared to the national average FTE nursing staff, the benefits of our travel nurse staffing services don't end there.
Benefits of a Fully Stafffed Nursing Department
Good practice environment are directly associated with lower re-admission rates and more revenue.
Nurses have the most interaction with patients, so they're likely to have a big impact on patient satisfaction survey scores. Better scores translate to happier patients and more revenue.
Increased nurse hours per patient day leads to a drop in adverse patient events, as well as lower odds of receiving penalties under the hospital Re-admission reduction program.
Filling a Growing Need
Despite differing views among researchers and analysts, hospital managers across the board harbor a concern for nurse staffing levels. With staffing vacancies and costs on the rise, finding affordable top-notch temporary talent will become a priority for staffing managers across the country. Let us take that burden off of your shoulders.
Are You Ready to Simplify Your Travel Nurse Staffing Processes?
Let us help you find the pre-screened, highly trained, experienced travel nursing staff you are looking for today.

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