Graduates | Rehability Care

Rehability Care is pleased to offer a program specifically designed for the new graduate therapist.This unique combination of facility orientation and "hands-on" training allows you to gain valuable experience that is vital for your career.


The first two months of your assignment is structured to provide "orientation" to the real world of therapy. Under the close supervision of an experienced professional, you will become acquainted with proper procedures, medication protocols, charting, etc.….all the little things you know in theory, you now put into practice.

"Hands-on" Training

Once you have completed the "orientation" phase, you will move directly into a six (6) month assignment at the same facility. Providing both continuity and security of the same surroundings, you can begin gaining invaluable experience in specialty care areas also.


The best news of all is that while you participate in this New Grad Program, you are a full time employee of Rehabilitation Care , enjoying all the benefits we have to offer.


At the conclusion of the program, each therapist has the opportunity to become a permanent member of the hospital's therapy staff or pursue travel options with Rehability Care. Through our National Travel Program, each 3 or 6 month assignment allows you see different parts of the country, meet new people and experience new environments. We also offer Placement Services for those that really just want to find that perfect job in their own backyard.

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