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Keeping up pace with shortage of healthcare professionals in the U.S.

We recruit from overseas
It’s no secret that the healthcare professionals shortage in the U.S. is only intensifying. That’s why Rehability Care is more committed than ever to offering innovative staffing solutions that meet the growing need for qualified healthcare professionals. Through our international recruiting efforts, we are filling our pipeline with experienced, highly motivated healthcare professionals who are seeking work in the U.S. We actively recruit healthcare professionals from the Philippines, India, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the Canada. And we are continually expanding our recruitment of qualified, English-speaking healthcare professionals.
As always, our goal is the perfect match between employer and employee.
Rehability Care has developed a comprehensive program for the successful placement and assimilation of internationally trained healthcare professionals .
Available on twelve-month contracts, these healthcare professionals are an ideal solution for healthcare facilities that have critical staffing needs and seek to build their permanent core staff. Often used in units that have high vacancy levels, constant turnover and/or consistent use of per-diem or traveling healthcare professionals, these healthcare professionals also represent a staffing option for specialty units that require a significant training commitment.
Our long-term contracts offer the highest level of continuity of care, increase unit efficiency and allow you to build your core staff at what is often a significant cost savings.
Screening and Selection
Of course, the importance of a thorough screening and selection process cannot be overstated. Our overseas affiliates begin this process by interviewing the candidates and collecting information on their background, clinical experience, education and adaptability to change.
Our offices in Indiana coordinate the entire process, reviewing all information, conducting additional interviews and screening candidates before a selection decision is made.
Immigration and Naturalization Service Requirements
Rehability Care works closely with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and legal counsel to complete the complex process of obtaining an Employment-based Visa. As a service to healthcare professionals, we file all of the required paperwork, monitor the entire process through the governmental agencies, ensure that the healthcare professionals meets all credentialing and licensing requirements, and pay the filing fees.
Contract Placement
Our first priority is to find a perfect match for both the healthcare professionals and the healthcare facility. Many of these healthcare professionals intend to move to the U.S. permanently and often plan to bring their immediate family members to this country. We coordinate the interview process while providing the healthcare professionals with a wealth of information on the hospital, the surrounding areas, schools and many other topics.
Once the job offer is extended, Rehability Care coordinates the healthcare professional’s arrival date, housing arrangements and all other details needed to make sure the healthcare professional settles into the new community comfortably. We also provide a liaison with the hospital and communicate with the healthcare professional regularly to make sure the cultural and clinical transition is as smooth as possible.
Rehability Care is responsible for all salary and benefits administration, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance and professional-liability insurance for the duration of the contract.
At the client’s invitation and upon completion of the contract, the healthcare professional is free to join the facility’s permanent staff at no additional charge. The terms of employment are negotiated between your healthcare facility and the healthcare professional. It’s been our experience that most healthcare professionals are eager to continue working at the facility they have come to think of as home.